MISSFIT ACTIVEWEAR is proud to be a Black-owned business, operated by power-couple, Toni & Kelvin Washington, who stand together for equality, for justice, and for Christian values including love, peace and all things that honor Jesus Christ.
While we both have experienced our share of racial discrimination, Kelvin has repeatedly fallen prey to police brutality, over-policing and blatant racism. We believe these are spiritual tactics of the enemy and we do not stand for them. Thus, we stand in unison with the Black Lives Matter #BLM movement and peaceful protests occurring right now as a result of George Floyd’s death, and so many countless others before him.

We are hopeful in the response we have seen so far by the people, by businesses-large and small, and other institutions of which we are affiliated. We are having candid conversations with our family, as well as non-Blacks in our circles including those with whom we work, our neighbors, our fellow congregation members and other associates. Education is the key to understanding not only the history and plight of African Americans, but also how we can all work collectively to change the narrative on racial injustices and inequality. 
We ask our customers to also stand with us!

-Toni & Kelvin Washington